“Coming in this game on some modeling sh!t". 
      I've been ripping runways since 2006.  From pop up shops to magazines; Ive been on the scene, at Bronner Brothers International Hair Show 2016-2018, published in CREAM 2018 spring issue and Bonheur winter edition 2018.  Im Darcel Burnette, owner and founder of Pink Siberian.

     Ive always been a mascara girl, wearing multiple layers to achieve a bigger and bolder look. I was never impressed with wearing false lashes. They either looked too natural, made my eyes sore, could only be used once and/or were difficult to apply. I always had more volume and drama using mascara. Or so I thought. 

    Working a pop up shop in downtown Atlanta I was able to model a pair of mink lashes. Let. Me. Tell. You. How. These lashes changed my life!  I went from feeling like “girl I can achieve that look with 3 layers of mascara” to “where have these lashes been all my life”.  I couldn’t believe it!  

First of all, it didn’t even feel like I was wearing lashes; they blended flawlessly with my natural lashes and served up more drama than Kermit sipping tea.  

    No amount of mascara or synthetic lash can give you this much drama, sheen, feel or style all while looking  luxuriously natural with none of the added weight.  

I hope you enjoy these lashes as much as I do.