Frequently Asked Questions

What are your lashes made of?
All Pink Feathers' lashes consist of 100% Siberian mink fur and are handwoven with love onto a cotton band. 
Are your lashes cruelty free?
Yes, although we do use mink fur, all animals are gently brushed during their  shedding season. No testing or experimenting is done on animals.
 How long will they last?
With proper care lashes can be worn up to 30 times or more.  
What is proper care?
Maintaining your eyelashes will extend the longevity of your lashes.
Proper care includes: Be GENTLE.
Use oil free products on or around eyes while wearing;
Taking off your lashes daily with an oil free remover (oil will cause lashes to slip off the band, ask me how I know);
  Carefully removing dried glue from band with tweezers daily and placing lashes securely back in case, free from dust and debris.
  To clean lashes, use two round cotton pads, oil free makeup remover and an eyelash wand aka spoolie to GENTLY  brush leftover makeup away.  
Place freshly cleaned lashes securely back into case in order to maintain proper shape while drying.
We do not suggest sleeping in your lashes as this may alter or cause breakage to your lash curl pattern.
What if my lashes get wet?
No need to worry if your lashes get wet, this will not cause damage your lashes.  Prolonged exposure is not recommended as this may cause slippage.  If you happen to be wearing the lashes when they get wet, just leave on until dried; If you must remove be extremely careful, use tweezers and place securely back in case.  If not wearing lashes, gently and carefully place lashes securely in case and leave to dry.  After drying your lashes will be back to normal. If a few hairs are out of place from mishandling or sleeping in lashes, they can be gently brushed back to original shape. Mink fur retains its curl pattern even after being wet.