Pink Feather


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Introducing ‘Rose’ from Pink Siberian -  a manifestation of elegance, alternating between long and medium hairs along the entire band, it's a bloom of beauty.

Crafted with precision, Pink Siberians’ lashes are not only a vision of luxury but also a testament to comfort and versatility. The lightweight, soft, and flexible design ensures an effortless application, while the black cotton thread adds durability to make these lashes reusable up to 90+ times. 

Immerse yourself in the allure of decadent Siberian mink fur hairs, meticulously hand-sewn onto an exquisite Egyptian cotton band, without the use of chemicals, ensuring a hypoallergenic experience that embraces every flutter.

Elevate your gaze, and embrace the luxury that is Pink Siberian. With each purchase, receive Pink Siberian lash tweezers, mascara wand and care card to perfect your lash game. Unveil the secret to captivating allure with Pink Siberian.