Benefits of Siberian Mink

Hey loves did you know Siberian mink fur lashes are the most luxurious form of lashes available on the market? Let us tell you a few reasons why:

* Siberian mink fur has unparallel comfort because it is lighter in weight than synthetics, silk & even human hair.

* Siberian mink fur is the softest & lightest so it makes the most natural strip lashes in the world.

•Siberian mink fur is beautiful with a natural sheen and undeniable multi-dimensional lustre that synthetic lashes simply cannot compete with.

* Siberian Mink has a naturally rich & luminous dark color without the use of synthetic dyes.

* Brushed Siberian mink has tapered ends that naturally look “wispy” & feathery.

*Our mink lashes can last 30-60 uses with proper care.

* Mink lashes can be gently curled with an eyelash curler, synthetics cannot.

Level up your lashes at:

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