Beauty and confidence in the blink of an eye.

 Pink Feather was founded to offer amazing authentic Siberian mink fur eyelashes that are effortless to apply, durable, natural looking and comfortable to wear.

We are here to serve you with exceptional customer service, high quality fur lashes and product knowledge

 Passion. Integrity. Novelty. Knowledge.

100% Siberian mink fur

Premium Cotton

Hand crafted

Wearable up to 90+ 



Cruelty Free 



Boundless enthusiasm

"I absolutely love these lashes! They go with any look! I also love them because you are able to CUT & CUSTOMIZE the lashes for your own personal and unique look!! THANK YOU FOR THE QUALITY!!"  -Nisha



Serving honestly

"These lashes took a beating, hot, sweating, this waterfall that was beating us to death, I took them off and put them smashed against my breast in my swimsuit for hours while I was in the pool then in my husbands backpack and when I tell you we got back to the hotel 13 hours later and overnight they went back to their original form and I wore them the next few days with compliments from everyone. I am thoroughly amazed! Even my husband was shitting me. Those are the same lashes? Lol”  -Paquita



Uniquely exquisite

"I don’t know where to start. I just love these lashes. They are the best lashes in the universe!! The quality is very impressive and absolutely amazing!!!!"           -Crystal



Applied wisdom

“I've never been able to do this myself until now. Others have applied them for me or I spent hours getting individuals applied. I love these.” -Paquita


"I love these lashes. I use them daily. They’re so comfortable and light weight and have the most beautiful length and fullness to them.'